In memory of progressive/thrash metal band Gardarika

Gardarika releases

Gardarika Kupava front cover


  1. Gayda (Гайда)
  2. Hostage (Заложник)
  3. The Unforgettable (Незабвенная)
  4. From Obscurity (Из небытия)
  5. Bonfire of Mine (Мой костер)
  6. Messiah (Мессия)
  7. Dead Angel (Мертвый Ангел)
  8. Kupava (Купава)
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Gardarika Chthonica front cover


  1. Hive Mind
  2. Chthonica
  3. The Night and Unbending Intent
  4. Nevertheless
  5. They Live
  6. Sleepwish
  7. Of Pigs and Men
  8. My Veiled Kingdom
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Gardarika Khemosynthesis front cover


  1. Innocence Bloody Innocence
  2. My Freaky Double
  3. Longest Train In The World
  4. The Room With Green Wallpapers
  5. Khemosynthesis
  6. August Morning
  7. Legion Calls
  8. Thirst
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